Windows 10 Shutdown Behavior

After a couple of months of encountering more and more users with simple system or software issues which were easily resolved by shutting down or restarting their computer; but the user insisting they shut it down each night. We starting using the task manager up time tracker to confirm stories. With continuing fightback from users insisting they shut their system down each night; but with the up time tracker stating 4 days we did some tests and discovered the default shutdown behavior was actually more like a semi-hibernate, oh and its not a bug; its a feature called fast startup.

Clicking or right clicking start button and selecting shutdown will load some memory into a dump file to the drive and prep the system for a quick startup on next boot. Retaining the up time counter value.

Holding Shift, when selecting shutdown; or doing a restart will clear memory for shutdown and restart the computer resetting the up time tracker.

Fast Startup can also be disabled in Group Policies or through the advanced section of power options (under the old control panel).

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