The Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson Series) Movie Duration Comparion between Releases

In a new area of info for this blog bellow is a comparison table of the run time differences across the different releases of Peter Jacksons the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Something I went looking for online a few days ago but counldnt find. All in hrs:min:sec.

MovieEditionOverallCredits BeginCredits Duration
The Fellowship of the Rings (2001)2002 Theatrical2:58:252:50:427:43
2010 Theatrical BluRay2:58:252:50:427:43
2020 Remastered Theatrical BluRay2:58:252:50:427:43
2005 Special Extended DVD3:38:483:12:2426:24
2010 Extended BluRay3:48:173:20:4327:35
2020 Remastered Extended BluRay3:48:183:20:4327:35
The Two Towers (2002)2003 Theatrical2:59:252:51:387:47
2010 Theatrical BluRay2:59:252:51:387:47
2020 Remastered Theatrical BluRay2:59:252:51:387:47
2005 Special Extended DVD3:45:443:25:5919:45
2010 Extended BluRay3:55:25 3:34:4820:37
2020 Remastered Extended BluRay3:55:323:34:5520:37
The Return of the King (2003)2004 Theatrical3:21:013:12:128:49
2010 Theatrical BluRay3:21:013:12:128:49
2020 Remastered Theatrical BluRay3:21:013:12:128:49
2005 Special Extended DVD4:12:233:51:3520:48
2010 Extended BluRay4:23:164:01:3521:41
2020 Remastered Extended BluRay4:23:164:01:3521:41
* 2005 Special Extended DVD Versions included the four different audio commentaries.

Overall the Theatrical Releases are very solid in their duration and timing even in the remasted. The Extended versions have multiple releases and recuts.

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